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About CCTF-Worldwide

In 2009, owner Mikki Johansen began her journey to create a business that would change the future for the medical field forever. Mikki and her staff were certain there was a great need for services that assist Contractors and employees being sent overseas for employment opportunities. Instead of the hassle of appointments at multiple clinics to receive the care that they were required to receive prior to deployment, why not give them a professional medical clinic that was tailored to their needs? A one stop shop! And so it began, Comprehensive Contingency Task Force “Rapid Ready” landed their feet in Columbus, Georgia in 2009 and began their journey!


After working with CENTCOM to ensure all international requirements were met, the Columbus office flourished. Adding more and more employees to help meet the needs of the growing demand, it became obvious that they were a hit in the industry! Beginning in 2011, plans were made to begin opening multiple locations. CCTF now has locations in Augusta, GA, Huntsville, AL, Greenville, SC, Adrian, MI, and El Paso, TX, as well as missions in multiple countries. 


CCTF strives to provide affordable and excellent medical services, including DOT services. When accuracy and readiness are a must, their customers think of those they can trust... CCTF "Rapid Ready“.



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